what is solar ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ LED light
Leadsun’s world patented ‘All-In-One’ solar lighting technology boasts a new level of versatility & adaptability for a wide range of lighting applications. Our systems seamlessly integrate a highly efficient Mono-Crystalline solar panel, durable and long lasting Lithium LiFePo4 batteries, CREE LED, smart controller and PIR sensor into the one compact system.
why choose leadsun
Established in 1993, Leadsun is continually striving to provide our customers with the most intelligent and easy to install solar powered products. The company now has a global representation and consists of a strong and proactive management structure coupled with a skilled team of technical professionals who have expertise in both solar power energy and LED illumination systems.
what are the installation and maintenance requirements
In most cases the Leadsun Solar lights can be installed directly on to a 2-3inch GI pipe without any external wiring. We can offer you a complete solution and undertake design and installations. Once installed Solar lighting requires zero maintenance.
how long will the system last
Powered by Lithium LiFePo4 batteries, system can function for five to eight years. However we will provide complete system replacement within the warranty period and parts replacement outside warranty period.
how can I overcome shading
Shading to the PV Panels from nearby buildings and trees will adversely affect the performance of the system. Leadsun’s Split system allows the PV panels to be separated from the LED and provides greater flexibility during the design and installation process.
Can I use the Leadsun Solar engine to power lighting fixtures of my choice?
Leadsun’s OFF-GRID series is easy to install, flexible and expandable to multiple lighting fixtures of your choice. Please talk to our experts to design a system to suit your requirement.